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Other shipping matters

Time:2017/2/18 14:53:46

In a small number of shipping problems, Hao Lin will help customers solve, for example:

Due to damage caused by the goods in the transport, packaging rupture of the situation: the customer should refuse to receive the goods must immediately filed a claim to the shipping company, if the customer received the goods after the discovery, the customer needs to notify the shipping company within 24 hours, Contact Ruibang. Rebang will help with the shipping company to deal with this claim. After confirming the problem, the company will track the insurance compensation, and once the compensation is lost, the goods will be replenished to the customer. As the courier is lost or mistakenly delivered, Ruibang will make a claim to the courier company, once the claim is determined or lost compensation immediately ready to re-delivery or replenishment to the customer.

Delivery address error: If it is due to the responsibility of the shipping company, once the insurance claims and loss of compensation after the Swiss state will contact the shipping company to resume transport or re-delivery supply customers. If it is Ruibang's responsibility, Ruibang will try to return to the normal delivery within the specified time, or if you can not return to normal shipments, then the state will compensate the full amount of this ticket. Of course, this situation is very little because all the details of all orders are shipped with the two sides before the identification, check clear. If the customer provided the wrong place, Rebang would help to re-send the address at the correct address, of course, the cost of the customer to pay, in this case Ruibang will not replenish.

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